Personal Checking

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Personal Checking


Account Type Minimum Opening Deposit Interest

Monthly Minimum Balance Fees

# Checks per cycle

Debit Card

Regular Checking $100 No $5  if average daily balance falls  below $500 Unlimited Yes
NOW $500 Yes $5  if average daily balance falls below $1000 Unlimited Yes
Money Market $500 Yes $5  if average daily balance falls below $1000 $10 per item fee after 6 withdrawals * No

Hometown Checking

Requires a Direct Deposit

$50 No


$5 if average daily balance falls below $50 


Unlimited Yes

Hometown Smart

Student Checking 

$0  No  None  Unlimited   Yes


Interest is compounded monthly and credited on the last business day of the month. The daily balance method is used to calculate interest on your account. At our discretion, we may change the interest rate monthly. Interest begins to accrue on the day we receive credit  for non-cash deposit items (checks). Accounts closed within 90 days of opening will be assessed a $ 25.00 fee and loss of accrued interest will result on your account. 



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